About the council

The goal and objective of our activity

The main goals of the Ukrainian Part of the Joint Ukrainian-Slovenian Business Council are:

  • support of the development of Ukrainian-Slovenian business, trade and economic relations, structural diversification and increase of balanced trade turnover between both countries, search and implementation of optimal models and forms of business co-operation;
  • establishing& developing bilateral technological, innovation and investment cooperation, creating favorable conditions for mutually beneficial joint manufacturing, trade, transport, construction, financial, credit, insurance, research and other activities;
  • promotion of the creation of joint enterprises & ventures in various spheres of economy, investment funds, trading companies, opening departments and agencies of acting entities and comprehensive development of all forms of business, not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine and Slovenia;
  • support of various forms of bilateral business, educational, scientific, cultural and tourism exchange between Ukraine and Slovenia.

In order to achieve its goals the United Ukrainian-Slovenian Business Council:

  • collects, summarizes and classifies proposals of domestic business community in matters of the Ukrainian-Slovenian cooperation, and submits them to the relevant authorities of Ukraine;
  • develops and initiates its own proposals on actual directions of development of the Ukrainian-Slovenian relations, promotes the implementation of its own and generalized offers of domestic business community in specific laws and regulations;
  • participates through its representatives in the Intergovermental Commission and Sub-commissions on cooperation between Ukraine and Slovenia, cooperates with the governmental authorities, public and industry organizations (unions, associations, foundations) of both countries;
  • provides its members with organizational, legal, consulting, informational and other practical assistance in the implementation of trade and economic relations with partners from Slovenia;
  • organizes and facilitates realization of business forums, conferences, exhibitions, meetings, negotiations and other business measures, trade and economic cooperation of Ukraine and Slovenia;
  • cooperates with authorities, enterprises, non-governmental institutions (associations, unions, foundations), explorative institutions of both countries in matters of the development and strengthening of bilateral business cooperation.

The Ukrainian Part of the USBC operates on the principles of voluntariness and equality of participants, is open to accession of new members and interested in mutually beneficial partnerships with other organizations and institutions.

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